NEW to localgoth? CLICK HERE (NSFW)

[This website seems to be a very confusing concept for most people. It’s updated like any typical blog you would read on the internet. I’ll explain with even more detail so your fragile mind isn’t left to do any thinking for its own. The top of the page is most recent, and since you’re reading a novel as it’s being written imagine you’re reading the end of the book first, IF you chose to read from top to bottom. I’m in the process of updating everything to a more easily understandable concept, but until then… You should enjoy being a reader of an unfinished novel. Because if you do keep up with all the updates, every time you visit the website you’ll be FIRST CLASS READERS, where all the non-regular readers will have to struggle with how to read the website, while you’ll be super cool already knowing.]

New to Primarily the site serves as a dedicated feed into my mind (stream of conscious or SOC), it also contains writing projects like the novel you came here to read, even my literary résumé is here for viewing pleasure. The rather abrasive point I’m revealing is that this website is always being revised. Sooner or later I’ll have the funding to dived all my projects to different domains with equally adherent addresses for easy and fun typing. Without further ado (bother, confusion, excitement, flurry, hubbub, to-do, trivial, trouble, turmoil). Traverse the website, attempt to have fun and I shouldn’t even have to tell you but don’t steal anything. All the writing and photos are copyright protected (this little thing “©”) even the stuff that isn’t mine.

If you came here looking for the .pdf version of the book I wrote; CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF VERSION OF suicidescribble (uncoded website rip)

(Scroll to the bottom of this post to see some nice tits)

(Ivan & Sebastian’s little adventure) are awaiting final edit/revision and then using Nitro Pro™ I’ll provide everyone with a .pdf†† for easy reading and sharing. ***CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE .PDF VERSION of Case # 06-18-07-17 (a short story) [blackout version]***

†† In the near future…(UPDATE)… Like right now! You can click the link above to download and read anywhere at your own convenience. If you read the story and you like it you'll notice I don't have a "donate to poor writers link" (at the bottom is located a paypal link) I'll also supply you with cool link to my Amazon wishlist -impress me. (Also I’ll still trade sex for possessions, if you still need more incentive for buying me things.)

If none of this information pertained to you, kill yourself.

I will personally respond to every individual email, even hatemail! Leave questions, comments, argue with me and the other community members on any post. Attempt to have fun, but don’t.

The cliché about struggling writers not having any money and on the verge of suicide, I’ll let you in a on secret. It’s true. Wanna help pay for my utilities or car payment?

if you don't 'donate', I hope you fucking die in a car fire

without your support, this author will never publish

All you gotta do is click that button and donate your hard earned cash or your dirty blood money, either way. I get paid. I couldn’t care less if you killed children for the money you donate to me, once it’s mine I’ll use it and clear your conscious.

3 thoughts on “NEW to localgoth? CLICK HERE (NSFW)”

  1. NICE TITS ! Honestly the only reason I clicked the link at 3:30 am lmao

  2. first class reader and I can’t comment……is this it??

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